Legacy of Brutality
Album art done for Futuralbum project

Petticoat Lane
Album art for Petticoat Lane. Michael contributed the text.

iOS game graphics

Festival poster

Mr. T Experience
Fan-commissioned gig poster

Poster created for a collaborative show

Gig poster for a show in London

Setting Limits, Breaking Boundaries
Film screening poster for our graduate program at Chatham.

Festival poster created for Unrecord's dream festival challenge

Business cards
I wanted something fun to pass out at a conference.

Dear Hunter, No Control
From a word art project I started a few years back.

Mona Lisa
This is an oddball project. We created a duotone, mosaic mural for my parents' wall. It's about 5' x 4' and is made with interior house paint.

Bobby Joe Ebola Songbook
Cover design for a book. My only art direction was to draw a rabbit smoking a cigarette.