Punk Rock Entrepreneur
Book cover for Punk Rock Entrepreneur, available for preorder now.

And their Brown Mercury Comet.

Feature illustration for The Runout article, the Merch Gap.

Poster created as a reward for a Kickstarter campaign.

Custom 404 page illustration. The office was having a raccoon problem at the time.

PSA for our local hockey teams, who refused to wear cages for some dumb reason.

New Blood
Pinhead Gunpowder shirt design

Everything Gets Eyebrows
365 project turned zine, available in the shop.

We're Hiring!
After reading yet another job description looking for UI Rock Stars, and Design Wizards, and Programming Unicorns, I illustrated this CSS Ninja. Even Ninjas need coffee to deal with CSS.

Festival poster

Steel City Ruby
Collaborative shirt design with Carney + Co. We thought Steel City Ruby sounded like an 80s metal band. We named the guy Scope Creep.

I never know what to get my parents for their birthdays, so I drew them as Wash and Zoe from Firefly. Don't send your kids to art school.

Let it Go
Illustrated lyrics from "Let it Go" by White Wives (not "Let it Go" from Frozen).

Illustration for an iOS app.

For an iOS game

Illustrations for Astrobotic, site design by Carney + Co.

Give Me Convenience
Illustration for Jello Biafra shirt.

PIM Champs, Lobster Magnet
Logos and shirts for local hockey teams.

Skate deck painted for Creative South 2014

Shirt illustration for Green Day

Lyme, Promote Yourself
Slides from my Punk Rock Entrepreneur talk at WMC Fest.

Sound System
Linoleum block prints, available in the shop.

Anne, Jerk at Work
Interior illustrations for Bobby Joe Ebola Songbook.

Here's the Thing...
playing the accordion. For the warm + fuzzy project.

Billie Joe Armstrong
Illustrated portrait. Prints available in the shop.

Mr. T Experience
Gig poster commissioned by a fan.

The Table Turned
Illustration for Petticoat Lane Album cover, layout by Michael Aaron Keith.

Bobby Joe Ebola Songbook
Unused book cover for the BJE Songbook.

Serenity, The Train Job, Bushwhacked, Our Mrs. Reynolds, Safe, Shindig, Jaynestown
Firefly poster series, I'm creating one for each episode. Available in the shop.