I'm re-opening my doodle commissions.

Last year, I decided to post some doodle commissions, just to see if anyone was interested. I've had people ask me about it near constantly since then. Through the summer, because my primary gig is wedding and portrait photography, I don't have a ton of time for doodling. But now that I'm wrapping up my last few shoots of the year, it's doodlin' time.

Here's how it works. Head over to my Etsy, and place your order. There are a few levels - Avatar, which is digital only. Proper Doodle, which is an ink drawing on real paper, that I actually mail to you. And Color Doodle, which is the same deal but colored with whatever medium I have available (which might be watercolor, but might be colored pencils. Surprise!) You can get an avatar for your social media accounts, or get a fictional dwarf for your wall, or have me illustrate your favorite swear word.

This first round, I'm guaranteeing will be delivered to you in time to use as a gift for whatever gifting holiday you celebrate. But there's only 10 of those. If I get them done in time to open up some more commissions for the holidays, I'll do that. If you want to help out, please pass this along to your friends!