Can't stop the signal

I went to the Pittsburgh Can't Stop the Serenity event way back at the beginning of the month, and finally went through my photos. If you haven't been, the idea is that people set up these events worldwide to screen Serenity and raise awareness and funds for Equality Now. I usually donate some wares for raffle baskets and some cash to the cause, and they're also generous enough to let me set up a space to peddle Firefly posters.

This year, being the 10 year anniversary of the film being released, I made a special edition poster for the event. If you didn't get to pick one up there, they're still available in the shop.

In addition to the movie, they also have raffles, games, and assorted other entertainment. You can keep up with them on twitter @csts_pgh, they're doing a Dr. Horrible themed event at the Toonseum next month.