So Mitch says, "I'll draw you if you draw me." And then it just sort of escalated. I made the same offer to my folks (calling anyone 'followers' makes me feel like a weird cult leader), and some of them took me up on it. I made a few unsolicited doodles, and some of them honored the swap anyway. It was fun, and one of those weird things that happen on social media that makes me love social media. These are all people that I also follow, because they're great, so you should probably check them out.

mitch Mitch

chance Chance

james James

jason Jason from Horrible Comics and The Frustrators

laura Laura

marena Marena

logos Some unsolicted entries of Adeline Records and Matt Gondek

matt Matt Hicks

Thanks to everyone that participated. You can keep up with me on Instagram and maybe get involved with some internet shenanigans.