I did a quick interview with one of the folks at Dribbble about this album art that I made for Petticoat Lane. Print

"Working with a smaller band like his, there’s an opportunity for a lot of back and forth. I’m not going through a management company, I’m just talking to a guy in the band. So I’d text him sketches, I’d email him the outline version, so he was pretty involved in the whole process, and got to see different stages of it. I’m big on research for any project that I do, so music’s not really different for me. If I’m designing for a band, I’m listening to their music a lot. I read lyrics, I look at what other graphics they have out there, how they like to present themselves. I do find that they’re a lot more open to nonsense than most clients, which is a lot of fun."

Check it out on their blog.