You guys like free stuff, right?

If you keep up with me on Facebook or the Twitter, you've probably seen me pimping this year's WMC Fest in Cleveland, OH. It's a conference, it's a design show, it's concerts. It's a bunch of people in a room talking about and showing off things you're interested in. You can see the whole line-up here, including Miss Stephanie Rexroth. We graduated from Cal's Design program together, as well as Cal's Honors program. It's gonna be cool.

Onto the freebies! Since I backed WMC Fests on Kickstarter, they've been kind enough to hook me up with a weekend pass. And since I already bought mine, I'm giving it away. You want it? Tweet this:

Win a free pass to @wmcfest from @mooreclick:

I'll put everyone's name into a hat, and on May 21st (that's next Saturday) I'll pick a winner.