Between the Buried and Me at Altar Bar

On Monday, we got to go see Between the Buried and Me at Altar Bar in Pittsburgh. Last time we saw them, we had to drive to Cleveland in a snowstorm, so this was a nice change. They're absolutely bonkers live. To play music that is as complicated as theirs is, and still be so entertaining to watch is a feat. Which is likely how we ended up seeing them twice in three months last year (then again, it isn't exactly hard to get me to go to shows. Seriously, I went to a N.E.R.D. show because it was $10).

Although this is only the second show I've seen there, I really like the setup at Altar Bar. We managed to get a fantastic spot on the stairs, which meant I actually got to see the band (I'm 5' 4", finding a good spot is imperative).

They had the most active pit I've seen in a long time. Generally the kids lose steam a few songs in, but these guys kept it going through the encore. Also, I'd argued that BtBaM's name is unchantable, and they proved me wrong.

There's a lot of Pens gear in that crowd. Since it was on the same night as Game 3, someone would kindly yell out the score in between songs. Not bad for a Monday.

As usual, setlist is here.