Live slow, die whenever. Available in the shop.

I noticed that two lightning bolts could be set up to look like the PA keystone. Then I noticed it didn't have any skulls on it, and I fixed that. Pick on up in the shop.

PIM Champs
Our first year as a hockey team, the only stat we won was penalty minutes.

Pinhead Gunpowder
I have a habit of making one-off shirts just for myself.

God Hates Jello
Actually, he probably doesn't. For Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine.

Pittsburgh Browncoats
For the Venn diagram overlap of Firefly fans and proud Pittsburgh residents. I'll put that skyline on anything. Available in the shop.

I really love this photo, even though I'm sure my mother wouldn't have let me wear a shirt like this in high school.

Lobster Magnet
Hockey shirsey for the team with the most ridiculous name in the league.

Answering Machine
It's really hard to find a photo of a pay phone these days. For The Replacements.

I even worked in their manager, Jimmy Zeus.

Also for the Replacements, the image in the background is a half tone of Paul Westerberg.

Lucky Stars
Hand lettered linoleum print turned t-shirt.

Maximum Damage
Another hockey logo. Their name comes from their work study code - "Minimum wage, maximum damage."

Working with negative space in the twenty one pilots logo.

The Braille sections read "twenty one pilots." Or they would, if it was raised.

Steel City Ruby
Collaborative design with Carney + Co. We named the guy Scope Creep.

Another variation on the braille design for twenty one pilots.

Foxboro Hot Tubs
This is another one-off I made for myself, based on their "Let's hang in love from the gallows" line.

The guys asked me to make a shirt with a Venom feel to it. I drew this at a LAN party.

Offshoot of the Max Damage logo, for the guys' lifting group.

Hand written text and digital watercolors, for Green Day.

Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death
Dead Kennedys line on a Guantanamo School of Medicine shirt.